What is this all about?

In this blog I’ve collected e-mails that have been sent to me by mistake. The intended recipient is always one of the other Markus Meyer’s out in the world – they just keep on using the wrong e-mail address.

Why is this? Well, back when gmail hit the mainstream, I was the early bird and managed to get my very own [email protected] -address. No extra digits or middle names. Now there seems to be a number of other Markus Meyer’s that live in denial and insist that their e-mail address is, as a matter of fact, [email protected] Which is why I keep getting correspondence intended for them.

Often I replied to the senders and informed them of their erroneous recipient address, sometimes even commenting on the topic at hand. Seldom did they reply.

But the e-mails kept coming. It was like I had my very own random content generator. And sometimes that content was funny; weird even – bordering on bizarre. Here I was, getting a glimpse into the lives of the other Markus Meyer’s. That got me thinking: should I share this with the world?

So, leaving out any identifying info except my own, I decided to post the material here. If nothing more, perhaps it has at least some entertainment value?

If you happen to see this, and are one of the other Markus Meyers.. well, hello! Let’s have a chat – send me an e-mail. You know the address.